CA20 Continuous Improvement

Organizational change as part of the business lifecycle, when positive, fuels continuous improvement and growth. Without positive change, the organization will eventually expire. An effective continuous improvement strategy is contingency-based, but dependent on structure that is aligned with the core values of the organization. Research shows the most successful models incorporate common elements of incremental improvement, [...]

CA19 The Value Chain

The value chain is used to identify opportunities for differentiation or cost advantage, helping the organization to select the most profitable differentiation or cost variables. The appropriate level for constructing a value chain is the business unit. As products pass through a chain of activities in order, they should gain value in each step. The chain [...]

FM16 Key Performance Indicators

This course examines how an organization can identify the wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) required to assess the current level of performance of individuals, work units and departments, and the organization overall. It examines the linkage between core business objectives, stated internal and external goals, performance standards and expectations, and KPI’s. The course includes [...]

FM14 Asset Management

While asset management is a phrase commonly used in the financial industry, it is the coordinated activities of any organization to realize value from its assets. This course looks at the processes used to effectively develop, operate, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of assets cost-effectively. Assets are typically considered to be the resources used by the organization [...]

OPS12 SWOT Analysis

Developing a fuller awareness of the business; its strengths and weaknesses; opportunities and threats; aids in strategic planning and effective decision making. SWOT analysis can offer valuable perspectives at any stage of the organization’s evolution. The purpose of the analysis is to reveal positive forces and synergies that can drive the venture forward, and potential problems [...]

OPS11 Community Relationships

Community relationships can be a symbiotic relationship between an entire local community, a constellation of clients and partners within your business community, a community-based organization or agency and your business. These relationships can be short-lived and serve one purpose or be widespread and sustained over years. Regardless of the duration, the community relationship has the potential [...]


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