Qumark has partnered with Moneo Medical Informatics to provide medical website services to clinics, medical practices, and medical societies.
Moneo Medical Informatics

About Moneo Medical Informatics

Patients are going online to get answers to their medical questions. Wouldn’t it be better if they got their online medical information from the doctor they know and trust?

As a company created by doctors to serve doctors and their patients, Moneo Medical Informatics knows your unique online needs as a medical practitioner. We’ve been in your shoes. A doctor’s website must be comprehensive, quick to set up, easy to use, cost effective, and most of all provide the valuable clinic and medical information patients are looking for.

Professional clinic websites powered by Moneo and operated by Qumark are designed to enhance patient care without adding a new maintenance task to your office staff.

Learn more about our programs for medical associations, medical clinics and health care professionals at www.moneomed.ca, or contact us.