With an annual subscription you receive unlimited access to all 20 Leadership Essentials courses for the period of one year. This represents a 50% saving over purchasing the courses individually.

Courses include:

  1. HR01 Communication & Recognition
  2. HR02 Building Staff Capacity
  3. HR03 The Discipline Process
  4. HR04 Diversity & Respect in the Workplace
  5. OB05 Referent Power & Staff Leadership
  6. OB06 Performance Standards
  7. OB07 Working with Teams
  8. OB08 Contingency Theory
  9. OPS09 The Leadership Management Dichotomy
  10. OPS10 Time Management & Prioritization
  11. OPS11 Community Relationships
  12. OPS12 SWOT Analysis
  13. OPS13 Principles of Lean Management
  14. FM14 Asset Management
  15. FM15 The Value Proposition
  16. FM16 Key Performance Indicators
  17. CA17 Marketing & Competition
  18. CA18 Leading in Customer Service
  19. CA19 The Value Chain
  20. CA20 Continuous Improvement

The Leadership Essentials Annual Subscription is sold on a per user basis. When purchasing multiple subscriptions for additional users, Qumark Customer Support will contact you to get the names and email addresses of additional users so accounts can be created and courses assigned to the appropriate people.

Credit card, PayPal, and Purchase Orders are all accepted through the shopping cart.