This program consists of 14 lessons, or ‘sessions’ within a blended learning format. Blended learning combines face-to-face presentation and instruction with online supports including continuous access to course materials, lessons, resources, case studies, exercises, assessments and an online community of cohort members where continuous dialog and sharing takes place.

This is combined with experiential learning as cohort members use the concepts, strategies and tools provided in this program, in the workplace. Ongoing face-to-face instructions, mentoring and feedback complete the loop and ensure that every participant has a measurable outcome that indicates their level of success in implementing their Lean goals.

Program Schedule & Content

Timeline Engagement Program Topic Activities
Session 1 Face-to-face
(1 day)
Introduction to Lean manufacturing & program orientation
  • Introduction to instructors
  • Introduction to Lean management goals
  • Introduction to the online community
Session 2 Online course module History of Lean
  • Historical Context to Lean Manufacturing
  • Identification of thought Leaders in Lean
Session 3 Online course module Identification of the 9 wastes
  • Identifying the 9 most common wastes in organizations and processes
  • Value vs. non-value added activities
Session 4 Face-to-face
(2 days)
Building a Lean culture
  • Lean leadership culture and its impact on successful projects
  • Generational differences in the workforce
  • Understanding your customers
  • Working towards strategic goals within your organization
  • Gemba walks (management by walking around)
Session 5 Online course module Productivity assessments
  • Identification of the current state of productivity within the organization
Session 6 Online course module 5S
  • Introduction to 5S
  • Implementing 5S within your organization
  • Performing 5S audits
  • Red Tag and Yellow Tag
  • Developing action item lists
Session 7 Face-to-face
(2 days)
Value stream mapping
  • Introduction to Value Stream mapping (strategic mapping)
  • Examining a value stream
  • Identifying value streams
  • Aligning value streams to organizational strategic goals
Session 8 Online course module Huddle boards
  • Introduction to huddle boards
  • Implementing huddle boards within your organization
  • Performing huddle board meetings
  • Open communication and transparent Lean operations
  • Understanding KPI’s
Session 9 Face-to-face
(1 day)
Visual management
  • The Power of visual communication
  • Zones of work
  • Communication boards
  • Creating islands of excellence
  • 5S audits
  • Employee engagement
  • Rewards and recognition
Session 10 Online course module Planned preventive maintenance
  • Providing systematic inspection, detection, and correction in your workplace
  • Creating Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP)
Session 11 Face-to-face
(2 days)
Process mapping
  • Introduction to process mapping (tactical mapping)
  • Examining a process
  • Identifying value vs. non-value added activities
Session 12 Online course module Introduction to six sigma
  • Data collection and validating improvements using basic statistical controls
Session 13 Face-to-face
(2 days)
The A3, the Gemba and Kaizan
  • Hoshin (strategic) planning
  • Using the A3 to determine improvements
  • Improving processes on the floor
  • Using the A3 and employee engagement together
Session 14 Online course module & working with mentor Building a customized Lean implementation plan
  • Working individually or in organizational teams, develop a Lean plan with 3, 6 and 12 month targets

Cohorts are limited to 20-25 participants to allow for small team exercises with participants collaborating and presenting work in groups of 4-6. Individual components may be discussed and shared within the work teams but will be completed and assessed on an individual basis. The program takes 6 months to complete and each participant must plan and implement a Lean improvement project within their business, or model an improvement project that can be demonstrated to be effective, if they do not have the opportunity to actualize the learning in a company environment. The face-to-face classes or retreats are held monthly. Online assignments are tracked and completion of each session is a requirement before continuing to the next lesson. Participants who cannot complete a session or lesson within the allotted time may be granted an extension and reassigned to another cohort so that they can continue with the program. Cohorts begin monthly and more than one may be available in any time period.

A weighted ranking system including observational assessment, participation in group work, assignment scoring and completion of the individual Lean improvement project provide a final evaluation and learning outcome score. While there is no pass/fail aspect to the outcome, there is a measured result that is reported to the participant, and the sponsoring company (if any).

For more information or to inquire about the next enrollment date, please contact us.